Pre-Placement & Pre-Employment Assessments

Pre-Placement & Pre-Employment Assessments

Pre-placement health assessments (formally pre-employment screening) are a key management tool that form part of the recruitment process. These assessments should only be introduced once an offer of employment has been made.


A pre-placement health assessment can consist of any or all of the following:

  • A pre-placement health questionnaire that is completed by the employee either online or on paper and is remotely assessed by an Occupational Health Advisor

  • Physical assessment of fitness and medical suitability for the role

  • Base line testing required as part of an ongoing health surveillance programme, such as a lung function test if exposed to respiratory hazards

The pre-placement health assessment is there to:

  • Ensure that new employees are medically fit to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the post.
  • To consider adjustments that could be made to assist the person in their new post. The pre-placement health assessment provides a means of early identification of those in need of assistance or extra protection in accordance with The Disability Discrimination Act 1995.
  • Assess whether the job will adversely affect the new employee’s health and make recommendations to reduce the risk if necessary.
  • Provide a record of health information as a starting point for monitoring exposure to health hazards. For example, conducting a hearing test on an employee before exposure to a noise hazard to assess their base level of hearing.
Pre-placement health assessment

How can Health Matters help you?

Health Matters can provide a very quick, confidential and effective pre-placement health screening service; fully compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995.

The service can take the form of either:

Remote paper screen

1) Remote paper screen using a pre-placement health questionnaire.


Quick, cost effective and efficient the health questionnaire is reviewed by an Occupational Health Nurse and the employee is categorised as fit for work, fit for work with restrictions or not fit for work. In some instances, it may be necessary to explore concerns further by telephone before any recommendations can be made.

Physical pre-placement

2) A physical pre-placement medical conducted on your site by an Occupational Health Advisor.


Often bested suited for industries where baseline medicals are required, e.g. employees are exposed to noise, respiratory or skin sensitisers, vibrations, metals, chemicals and similar.