OH Needs Analysis

Occupational Health ‘Needs Analysis’ is a service which offers support to our clients to aid them to determine and evaluate their most current occupational health risk management requirements using our unique Needs Analysis tool.


The exercise places a focus on two primary areas of occupational health:

  • Health Surveillance

  • Fitness for Work Assessment

The first step in the exercise is the categorisation of organisation specific ‘work areas’ or ‘job roles’ based on the common associated hazards that the employee groups are exposed to.


Following this, risk assessments are then reviewed to identify the hazards and associated level of risk present for each of the pre-determined ‘Work Areas’ or ‘Job Roles’.


Finally, based on the level of risk, the health surveillance assessment types are identified and selected for the employee groups.


The outcome of this service is our clients gain a clear ‘road map’ and understanding of the most up-to-date and current guidance relating to Health Surveillance, Fitness for Work and Safety Critical Worker health assessments. Alternatively, Health Matters can work to the existing Health Surveillance remit currently in operation.

Health Surveillance Exercise