Mobile clinic

Mobile Clinic

Many workplaces are not equipped with suitable facilities to host occupational health services. Health Matters have the perfect solution in the form of our purpose built mobile health assessment units.


The specialist vans, which come fully equipped with hearing booths can facilitate health assessments at your premises, to a schedule that suits your operational demands.


Benefits of use include:

  • Access to a confidential and independent space within your workplace

  • Access to a hearing booth ensuring optimum conditions for hearing surveillance

  • Efficiencies of services, removing the need for employees to leave site for external assessment

  • Visible commitment to the health, safety and wellbeing of your employees

Risk assessments should be used to identify any need for health surveillance. Health surveillance should not be used as a substitute for undertaking a risk assessment or using effective controls.


Health surveillance does not reduce the need to eliminate or manage health risks.


Mobile Clinic
Mobile Clinic
Mobile Clinic