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Pre-Placement & Pre-Employment Assessments

A key management tool that forms part of the recruitment process. This service aims to ensure that newly placed employees’ health is sufficient to enable them to safely fulfill the duties of their post, whilst also considering the safety of others.

A system of ongoing health checks. These health checks, which are required by law, aim to detect potential work-related ill-health at an early stage, enabling an employer to evaluate health risks and implement and maintain adequate and appropriate control measures.
A high quality and customer focused service enabling an employer to refer an employee for independent health advice. The service aims to find solutions where an employee’s health may be affecting their fitness to carry out their role, or their role may be adversely affecting their health in some way.
Unique and bespoke Health & Wellbeing services which provide employers with a range of effective ‘off the shelf’ tools to help improve health and well-being in the workplace and beyond.

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Why Choose Health Matters?

Customer focused approach to occupational health

Rapid access to services and efficient turnaround of outcome reports

Access to competent sources of advice and guidance

Regional clinics located in Newry, Belfast & Dublin

Value for money

We can travel to you

Let the experts help you determine your occupational health needs.

Our team of in-house occupational health experts can assist you to determine your specific occupational health requirements using our unique Needs Analysis Tool. Remove the guess work, let us help you stay compliant.


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Greiner Packaging (Via LinkedIn)

“Recently we conducted a Health & Wellbeing Survey, in this survey almost 75% of our colleagues expressed an interest in Mental Health & Stress Awareness Training.


Following this feedback, we have just completed Mental Health Toolbox Talks to over 150 of our colleagues across all shifts. 


Thank you, Health Matters for delivering these sessions and equipping us with the skills to support and manage our own mental health.

Service User Reviews

“I felt my appointment was dealt with in a pleasant and understanding and fair matter and I was given the time to express my concerns on my health issues. Thank you.”
“Was very pleasantly surprised by the amount of time spent talking to me, it was not rushed, and I was given plenty of time to explain things. The nurse had a great understanding of my situation and how things affect me.”
“Couldn’t have felt more comfortable. Felt understood and the support given was great. Was reassured throughout the entire call which gave me the confidence to talk about everything we did.”
“I would just like to say that speaking to your team member and discussing my condition was a very pleasant and helpful experience. Thanking you.”


Health Matters
Health & Safety Training and Consultancy Services

Our sister company provides a diverse range of both externally accredited and internally certified workplace Health & Safety training courses. These courses are aimed at all types of workplaces and help employers meet their legislative requirement to provide employees with suitable and sufficient information, instruction and training.

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