Management Referrals

Management Referrals

We offer a service enabling an employer to refer an employee for an independent medical opinion such as advice on an employee’s fitness to work.


This advice will relate to implications under relevant Health and Safety legislation, Disability Discrimination legislation, return to work timescales and rehabilitation recommendations, etc.


Referral triggers may include illness, either work-related or otherwise, absence due to such illness, effects of illness on ability to work, return to work after illness, advice regarding prognosis (e.g. likelihood of future illness/absence), incidents or accidents at work, potential stress or depression, frequent or long term absences and Ill-health retirement advice.


Before an occupational health referral, it is important to discuss and agree all aspects of the referral, including the sickness absence record with the employee. If an employee refuses to attend the referral, then this should be discussed with either HR or the Health Matters (Occupational Health) Ltd nominated Practitioner. An employee is entitled to attend an occupational health appointment within paid working time.


In order for management to receive the best advice from Health Matters it is essential that referral information includes sufficient detail to enable an appropriate assessment to be made. This includes reasons for the referral, specific questions to be answered and an up to date attendance record for the employee.


It is also recommended that details of the employee’s current job and relevant risk assessment is provided to allow the clinician to understand what is required of an employee in their work and whether any ill-health conditions have been caused or made worse by their work.


Following a management referral, it may be necessary or beneficial for the assessing Occupational Health Advisor / Physician to review the individual’s progress, condition and/or general health over a defined period of time. This period would have been recommended in the management report. It is the client company’s discretion whether to accept this recommendation.