Management Referrals​

Management Referrals

Health Matters offer a high quality and customer focused service enabling an employer to refer an employee for independent advice so as to help resolve a situation where an employee’s health might be affecting their fitness to carry out their job, or their job may be adversely affecting their health in some way.


Referral may relate to relevant health and safety legislation, capability, sickness absence and /or attendance.


Reasons for referral may include:

  • long-term sickness absence e.g. more than 2 weeks absence with no return to work date in sight

  • reports of work-related stress

  • frequent or persistent short-term sickness absence being attributed to a health problem;

  • poor or failing performance, the cause thought to be associated with a health problem or disability

  • concern that they may have work related health problems or that their health is being aggravated by work tasks

  • there are difficulties coping on return after being absent e.g. following a serious illness or injury or due to a disability


  • Customer focused approach to Occupational Health providing clear practical advice
  • Fast and efficient turnaround times for outcome reports
  • Readily available appointment slot options on request
  • Dual registered clinical staff that can provide services in both the UK and Ireland
Why Choose Us

Health Matters have regular appointments slots available within both their Belfast and Newry clinics; alternatively, our specialists can travel to you.