Onsite Occupational Health Services

Our onsite occupational health service provides an excellent return on investment. It combines the advantages of an outsourced service (such as specialist expertise, service resilience, innovation and cost savings) alongside the benefits that arise from an in-house service (such as cultural familiarity, ease of access and highly tailored processes).


If you are implementing an on-site service for the first time, we will assist you in the design and build of an Occupational Health Service best suited to you. We will provide state of the art clinic equipment and embed our leading edge IT system into the operation.


One of our highly competent occupational health nurses would be based onsite whilst being centrally supported by the wider Health Matters business group and our systems, thereby ensuring the very highest quality output is maintained.


Duties Include


  • Pre-Employment medical assessments.
  • Absentee assessment (short term/long term).
  • Involvement in case conferences with HR & Health & Safety.
  • Provision of health screening services if required. (E.g. Blood pressure cholesterol & glucose)
  • Assessment and rehabilitation/redeployment.
  • Undertaking routine Health Surveillance.
  • Liaison with Company Occupational Physician on all above services.
  • Assist in giving evidence in relation to any legal actions taken against the company which involve occupational health issues/personnel.


All of the services above can be carried out at your premises or in one of Health Matters specially designed occupational health clinics in Belfast, Newry or Dublin.


An on-site Occupational Health Service provides a more flexible and individualised health service for your business. It’s the equivalent to your own in-house Occupational Health Service without the associated costs. You can choose the service you want, when you want it, and where you want it. Our team of specialist health professionals can provide all the services your employees need to keep them working well.


Strategic onsite occupational health services should form part of the organisation’s overall strategy to reduce business risk as well as being innovative and adding value to operational efficiency and performance.