Fitness For Work

The primary purpose of fitness to work health assessments is to make sure that an individual is fit to perform their role in the workplace and any designated tasks effectively and without risk to their own or others’ health and safety.


Fitness to work is relevant where illnesses or injuries reduce performance, or affect health and safety in the workplace. It may also be specific to certain hazardous tasks for which medical standards exist.


Health Matters will work closely with your Health and Safety team to establish the most appropriate assessments required and then our team of specialists will develop a programme tailored to your specific needs.


These may include:

  • Food Handlers Assessments
  • Pre-Placement Assessments
    • Paper Screen Assessments
    • Physical Baseline Assessments –Incorporates Statutory Health Surveillance
  • Night Worker Assessments
  • Safety Critical Worker Assessments
    • Confined Space Workers
    • Drivers
    • Lone Workers
    • Working at Heights
  • Other industry-specific or statutory assessments


We will deliver clear and concise management advice, helping your organisation safeguard its most valuable resource.

We provide these services through either regular on-site visits undertaken by one of our experienced Occupational Health Advisors or our alternatively from one of our regional clinic locations in either Belfast or Newry.