Online Submissions

Online submission forms available now!

Management referrals and Pre-placement health assessments just got easier!

We are delighted to now be able to offer you a quick and convenient way to start the management referral and pre-placement process, with the introduction of online submission forms . These are quick and straightforward forms that can be completed at any time by management, making it an extremely easy, efficient and streamlined process.

What forms are available online?

Management Referrals

We offer a high quality and customer focused service, enabling an employer to refer an employee for independent advice to help resolve a situation where an employee’s health might be affecting their fitness to carry out their job, or their job may be adversely affecting their health in some way.

Simply complete the form and we can guarantee a member of our team will be in touch 1 working day to provide you with a recommendation on the most appropriate type of clinician and offer some available appointments for your consideration.


Pre-placement Health Assessments

Pre-placement health assessments (formally pre-employment screening) are a key management tool that form part of the recruitment process. These assessments should only be introduced once an offer of employment has been made. Once you have completed the online form, we will contact the prospective employee via email, requesting them to submit their health questionnaire by the expected return date. Once we receive the form, we will provide a high-quality outcome report on their fitness to work within 3 working days.

It’s important to note that this online service is for roles that do not involve any specific safety critical tasks- for those roles, it is likely the employee will require a ‘face to face’ assessment which we can arrange for you here (hyperlinked).

Click here to view the online submission forms and get in touch with us today if you require any of our other occupational health services.

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