Health Matters to HSENI

Last week, Health Matters had the pleasure of completing a successful programme of Health Checks for the employees of the Health & Safety Executive for Northern Ireland (HSENI).

The HSENI governs, promotes and sets the standards for the principles that form the basis of many of the services that Health Matters as an organisation deliver upon. It was therefore a great privilege and compliment to be appointed by our lead body.

Feedback was excellent, with employees communicating many benefits of being afforded the opportunity to undertake such health checks as part of their employment.

The programme lasted 3 days and was rolled out over a 2-week period.

If you feel your organisation would benefit from employee health checks, or any of our other workplace health & wellbeing services, contact us by phone or email on 028 9002 0044  / [email protected]

Important: The Health Checks provided as part of this service are not, and do not, meet the requirements of Statutory Health Surveillance. Health Checks are considered an employee benefit by providing an employee with information on their personal health status. Please contact our Occupational Health department via email – [email protected] if you require further information on Statutory Health Surveillance.