Safety Critical Worker Health Assessments

Safety Critical Worker Health Assessments

Why Do My Employees Need Safety Critical Worker Health Assessments?


There are a number of jobs, especially in the construction industry, where workers are exposed to hazardous or potentially dangerous situations on a daily basis. Ensuring that employees are fit for task and don’t have any medical or mental health issues which may impact on their performance is a vital part of maintaining safety in the workplace.


Health Matters offer safety critical health assessments that make sure your company stays on the right side of current health and safety legislation and best practice. It is a cost effective and simple way to monitor the health of your workforce and can easily be carried out onsite by a qualified health practitioner.


Who Requires a Safety Critical Worker Health Assessment?


If you have workers who are undertaking safety critical tasks such as operating plant machinery, working on scaffolding and at height, roadside construction or any other job that involves risk, then making sure they are healthy enough is imperative. A worker may well struggle on with a medical condition without realising its potential impact and proper screening can help highlight and address situations such as these.


We provide qualified medical staff to undertake the following for workers in the construction industry:

  • Plant operator medicals
  • Scaffolder/rigger medicals
  • Roadside (high speed) worker medicals
  • Tunnelling worker medicals
  • Confined Space medicals
  • Working at Heights medicals

What Do Safety Critical Worker Medicals Involve?


All safety critical worker health assessments involve filling in a questionnaire concerning the health and wellbeing of the individual being examined.


This is followed by a series of tests designed to assess whether someone is currently fit for task.


These are designed to check for medical conditions that could lead to sudden loss of consciousness, impairment of airways or concentration, sudden incapacity, impairment of balance or co-ordination or significant limitation of mobility.


How Long Does an Assessment Last?


Safety critical worker health assessments vary from about 30 minutes to an hour to complete and can be carried out on site without causing disruption to daily operations. A report is produced for each individual, clearly outlining any decisions made on their ability to work.


Fit for task medicals have three possible outcomes:

  1. Fit to carry out safety critical work
  2. Unfit to carry out safety critical work
  3. Temporarily unfit to carry out safety critical work. Re-test in a number of months


Employees who have been assessed as not fit for task can also be advised, treated and monitored over time and retested when improvements have been made, with the hope of allowing them to return to their safety critical roles.